About Get Hiit

GET HIIT Sunshine Coast is one of Sunshine Coast most exciting boutique Ladies Only Women’s Functional Training! 
Exercise with a group of like minded people who have the same goal as you – RESULTS!
Get HIIT sessions are always different and affordable we are constantly coming up with challenging sessions to keep you on the edge so you will never know what to expect at your next session!
The Styles of Training we offer @ Get HIIT
boxing for fitness, strength, agility, circuit style training, Fatburn, boot camp style training, Kettlebells, fitness , mums & bubs classes, challenges, METAFIT, Meta PWR, core conditioning, HIIT + more.
GET HIIT has a wide variety of training styles that will help you achieve & exceed your fitness goals!

Meet The Team


My name is Tralee and I am the owner and Trainer for GET HIIT Sunshine Coast. I am a mum to my beautiful son William and my fur baby dude 😂 who is a labradoodle. I have been on my own weight loss journey for five years and I have a passion for helping others and sharing my knowledge. I am certified in Boxing, Kettlebells, GAMEFIT Metafit, Metapower, Fatburn Extreme and hold a level 1 in Nutrition.

I run a successful outdoor bootcamp with over 60 registered clients who are all on different fitness levels. I also run Sunshine Coast Council Programs with over 100 registered participants which i am proud to be apart of with such awesome feedback my contract has been extended to run these programs. I love making my workouts fun and involved and I take pride in my clients goals. I would love to help you get active and focused regardless of your journey and fitness level. When it comes to improving your health and fitness, everyone has their own starting point and I would love to be apart of finding this. I look forward to welcoming you to a session. Are you ready to GET HIIT?


I am passionate about incorporating yoga my daily life. My extensive experience dates back 20 years where I began practicing with my own mother. I noticed that My mind body and soul felt more deeply connected, centred and aligned than ever before and so began the deep descent into the teachings and philosophy of yoga.
Since becoming a mother myself yoga has been a constant companion. The practice of yoga through breathing movement and meditation has helped me to achieve an overall calm and balanced demeanour allowing her to tackle the ever increasing pressure and stresses that everyday life throws our way.
my classes will leave you feeling restored and nourished with emphasis on being in the moment and utilising the breath to take you deeper into your practice. I would be honoured to guide you in your yoga journey.

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